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Fillmore Group and the Meadow Group
Fort Fillmore layout early 1850's
Early Meadow Creek plot map


Genealogy is an attempt to connect families, past and present; to gain a perspective of one's ancestors and appreciation for their lives and their contribution to who we are. Each genealogy project or investigation needs a starting point, a reference point from which the families will branch out. Often the reference to a tree is used in genealogy, where each new child (family) represents a new branch on the tree.

This genealogy project has a main starting point with the families of Glade R. Day and Nadine Stott. They are my parents and represent 2 groups of early Mormon pioneers who settled in Utah in the early 1850's. The Day family constitutes what is called here the "Fillmore Group" and the Stott family constitutes what is called here the "Meadow Group".

Fillmore Utah was first settled in the fall of 1851 by a small group of Mormon converts under the direction of Anson Call, having been given that calling by Brigham Young. Among the early settlers of Fillmore were family names of James Huntsman, Chandler Holbrook and William Stott. (See map of early Fort Fillmore below.) The James Day family was sent to Fillmore in 1869 and would eventually marry into the Huntsman line (R. Erven Day & Stella Huntsman). The Hanson, Bushnell, Bennett, Greenhalgh, and Ferguson families were also among the early settlers. (See Huntsmans in Fillmore history)

Meadow was not originally an officially designated Mormon settlement, but rather was the result of a few Fillmore families, headed by James Duncan, who decided to move beyond Fillmore in 1857 and form a community in a fertile valley 8 miles west of Fillmore. James had a temporary shelter in the area called "Meadow Creek" and lived there seasonally for a few years before convincing a few other families to also try to settle there in 1857. (See History of Fillmore and Meadow, taken from the Sesquicentennial Histories of the Fillmore Utah Stake 1997.)
Members of the Meadow settlement included William Stott, John Bushnell, Hyrum Bell Bennett, ...

See Meadow plot map below for family plots.

This website contains information on the Glade R. Day & Nadine Stott family -- their children and posterity as well as their ancestors. Errors may exist in the information provided, although attempts have been made to varify dates and names. Suggestions and corrections should be sent to the webmaster: tlday@weber.edu


FORT FILLMORE - early settlement
(See Huntsmans in Fillmore history)


MEADOW CREEK plot map - early 1880's & 1890's
(See History of Fillmore and Meadow)


Meadow settled: short version, by Amy Bushnell Adams
Fillmore & Meadow settled: long version, from Sesquicentennial Histories
(See Huntsmans in Fillmore history)

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